anti-aging DV creams are created when ordering in a research and development laboratory in Alta Brianza, near Milan. Their formulations are studied by internationally renowned researchers and made with the dedication of great professionals who take care of the “drop by drop” development.

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Crema man specific formula

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Light and easily absorbed aftershave lotion. The special formulation ensures lasting hydration, re-establishing the balance of the hydrolipid film (Jojoba Oil). The presence of Buriti Oil, rich in carotenoids, and in vitamins A and E, with its intense antioxidant action, helps protect against the damages caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. Cherry and Geranium extracts, with their vitamin C content, enhance the product’s antioxidant effect. Physalis Angulata extract, with its soothing action, helps reduce redness and restore the correct dermic function. The presence of Phytic Acid, with its exfoliating action, stimulates regeneration of the skin, helps delay hair growth, and prevents the formation of ingrown hairs.

Instructions: apply after shaving, massaging gently until completely absorbed. The product is ideal for use as a daily face cream.

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