anti-aging DV creams are created when ordering in a research and development laboratory in Alta Brianza, near Milan. Their formulations are studied by internationally renowned researchers and made with the dedication of great professionals who take care of the “drop by drop” development.

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Antiaging Skincare Cosmetics


Our Skin… Our Very Best Outfit!

Our skin is our very best outfit, which is why we have to ask ourselves how we can respect it and enhance its virtues. First of all, we should start with this question: how to create the perfect complexion? Achieving a bright and glowing skin is possible, just like recreating our image to reflect our desires. We can all change and we can all improve. We can establish our skin tone perfectly using  various tests, including the Undertone Professional USA colour system, which help us identify the tone and its specific intensity.


After establishing this, we move on to the preparation phase.

Not all foundations are the same! We all have our own personal colour!

By applying and blending various shades of foundation on our face and neck, we respect the innate characteristics of our skin, the shape of our face and the light and the shade that every face has and which in some way it is right to cancel or even out.

Our skin is our very best outfit, which is why we have to fully respect it, and simply focus on highlighting the best parts! Our second skin consists of cream and foundation, products that moisturise our skin and make it flawless, protecting it against pollution and sun damage, making it compact yet, and this is extremely important, letting it breathe. The skin has to glow with its natural pigment (warm or cool) and it is our duty to know its natural characteristics, enhancing them natural, focusing on and accentuating the strengths of our face and body

All this is essential in order to build our image healthily. The choice of treatments and procedures must take a natural path and all the products that we use in our transformation process must follow that path too.

We have to know all about the products that we entrust our skin to: the infinite variety available on the market focuses on promoting “absolutely everything”, with a particular predominance of junk. Eliminating all this is the first step towards achieving our real beauty.