anti-aging DV creams are created when ordering in a research and development laboratory in Alta Brianza, near Milan. Their formulations are studied by internationally renowned researchers and made with the dedication of great professionals who take care of the “drop by drop” development.

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Antiaging Skincare Cosmetics


.. As a child has nurtured an incredible passion
for plants and creams that "stole" from the women of his life ...



Dorelia Vasilescu’s life has been made up of outstanding conquests and events that have taken her repeatedly in the same direction, as if to remind her that she was destined to travel a preordained path. Even when she was a little girl, she had a remarkable passion for plants, and for the creams that she used to “steal” from the women in her life, her mother and grandmother. She used to play with spices and oils, mixing them together, and with other natural products that she found in the garden, creating new beauty creams and perfumes.
Life took Dorelia to study in Italy, Romania and France, specialising with courses from the United States. She graduated from university with a degree in Psycho-pedagogy, but remained an artist at heart, furthering her studies of art and design and exhibiting her works in Monte Carlo, at the Sam Art Gallery et Metropole.
She has worked as a model and actress, alongside great directors and actors of the calibre of Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas and Pierce  Brosnan, the Vanzani brothers and Moshe Brakha (of the famous Martini advert featuring Charlize Theron. Meeting and working with Gigi Proietti, Manuela Arcuri, Martina Colombari, Laura Chiatti, Remo Girone and Carlo Conti.
Her life was full of commitments and spectacular encounters. Then one day, something happened that was so important as to take her back to the path she’d played on as a child. Using a cream made by a very well-known brand, which promised the usual immediate and miraculous results, her skin had an adverse reaction.
 Spots began to break out on her face as the result of a dreadful contact dermatitis, leaving some very ugly scars.
Thanks to contacts with doctor and dermatologist friends, including internationally acclaimed researchers, she approached a world of alchemies and began seeking a solution. And quickly. The skin has its very own memory. It remembers the way in which it has reacted to a certain stress and tends to repeat the reaction as an unconditional reflex to the next application.
It was necessary to rehabilitate the skin to accept a solution after the damage caused by La Mer. The only thing was to create one… tailor made.
Thanks to the support of an internationally acclaimed researcher, wok began on the production of masks which succeeded in regenerating her skin in just six months. This was the start of a new chapter in Dorelia’s life.
Her researcher friend, with a team of specialised doctors and a state-ofthe-art laboratory, began making all the products she needed. Dorelia found the point of reference for everything: from anti-wrinkle creams to moisturisers and sun creams.
The results weren’t long in coming, and Dorelia’s friends and acquaintances soon began trying the products, immediately appreciating the benefits. More tests began, followed by constant research to find the best solutions, and this resulted in the birth of a range of cosmetics capable of satisfying every woman, without promising miracles, just natural ingredients, meticulous attention to production, and safety for their
This is the story of how DV Antiaging Skincare was born, and of the reason why it assigns so much importance to reliability and respect for your skin.