anti-aging DV creams are created when ordering in a research and development laboratory in Alta Brianza, near Milan. Their formulations are studied by internationally renowned researchers and made with the dedication of great professionals who take care of the “drop by drop” development.

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Antiaging Skincare Cosmetics

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Antiaging creams created on the spot, tested and capable of stimulating the regeneration of the skin, visibly improving its appearance naturally and with the finest quality ingredients to guarantee results.

Purchasing a DV means obtaining an express product, created especially for the customer in the 24 hours following the order. Moreover, with a competitive price that reflects production costs, thanks to the absence of intermediaries.

Natural ingredients combined with state-of-the-art chemistry enable the creation of products with regenerating antiaging qualities, that are in no way harmful or stressful for the skin. Guaranteed results.


Why choose DV products

DV anti-wrinkle creams are the product of in-depth state-of-the-art research with specific formulas dedicated to respect the health of the skin and to enhance your beauty. In exclusive for the DV antiaging skin care cosmetics range, the specific formulas created by Lem, research laboratories in Milan, have enabled us to create an innovative treatment to effectively contrast the signs of time, smoothing, moisturising and firming the face in complete safety. When you clock to send your order, our laboratory starts working to create your product from scratch.


With DV, your beauty finds the right products for natural enhancement.


Every treatment is produce specifically for the person who orders it, drop by drop.


No intermediaries, no resellers, making the cost of the products highly competitive.


The direct relationship with the producers of DV is an index of safety and attention to the customer.

Antiaging Skincare Cosmetics

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DV antiaging creams are created drop by drop to guarantee visibly rejuvenating effects on the complexion, with complete respect for the health of the skin.
None of our products are ready-made and stored in warehouses. Production begins when we receive your order, and when you receive the product, it has your name on it. And you pay only the real cost of the product!
The antiaging products and creams in this innovative range are suitable for every type of skin, from dry to normal/combination, and not only for the face but also for arms, neck and décolleté. Thanks to the essential components capable of contrasting inflammatory processes and aging, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C 30%, SV antiaging creams and serums stimulate the growth factors in the skin, with a lifting effect that improves wrinkles, expression marks and marks on the skin.
Do you need a serum, an anti-wrinkle cream or and effective remedy to improve your eye area or tighten your pores? Choose what’s best for you.


Our customers are the most important source of inspiration and the reason for the constant improvement of our products. Your health is our top priority.

I discovered DV thanks to a sample that I tried. At first, I was a bit sceptical, but now I’m a fan of the quality and purity of these products which care for my skin. Preventing aging has never been my aim, but I believe that, with these products, I’ll be for "forever young



Cared for, glowing and much more compact: this is my skin after DV antiaging! I like to treat myself well and often it’s hard to tell one product from all the others that are publicised with much more enthusiasm and advertised everywhere. In the end, we just have to try and let our skin “speak for itself”!



The DV antiaging mask is incredible: it lights up the face and has helped to eliminate the sun spots that I’d had for some time. This is what led me to start using the whole DV, range, discovering cosmetics that have the power to transform your skin!


Principality of Monaco

When I started using these products, my skin changed. You can see right away that it’s healthier, brighter and more refined, as if time had never gone by! I’ve been using the DV range for a while now and have discovered another way of seeing cosmetics, as real healthcare resources. Thank you!



Choosing DV over the famous brands that promise miracles but don't keep those promises was the best choice I ever made for my skin. It seems strange to talk about "curing" my skin, but it's the truth! It’s as if it’s completely recovered its youth. I’ll never be without DV again!



I love kitesurfing and always spend a lot of time in the sea and under the sun. That's why I was looking for a product that would moisturise and nourish my skin, offering it the right protection. This search led me to try out DV products and now I am a loyal customer!

Francy recensione DV



I travel a lot on business. What with all the flights and jetlag, my skin was dry and dull, and needed plenty of nourishment. After trying out various brands, including famous names, I found the perfect ally in DV’s special products, which are capable of regenerating my skin and making it look fresher, immediately.

Ala recensione DV



I work as a broker and it’s a very demanding job, due to the time it takes and the fact that I’m constantly in contact with people. My image is important to my success at work and DV has given me the tools I need to feel gorgeous all the time!

Fabia recensione DV



I was a photographic and fashion model for years. My skin has been subject to so much stress and this has led to various problems. DV helps me treat my sensitive skin naturally and appropriately and has made my complexion beautiful again.

Doris recensione DV



I work in fashion and I come into contact with beautiful women every day of my working week, so looking young and beautiful is essential. Plus? I love sunbathing, and that means I have to be extra careful! With DV, I’ve found a product capable of ensuring that my skin always looks great!

Fabiana recensione DV



Beauty Advice

The choice of a beauty product must be made with awareness and care. To enhance the femininity inside every woman the first thing to do is take a journey to discover and understand our own personal beauty, following and creating the symmetry of the face, respecting our personal skin type (dry, oily, combination or mature) and finding that harmony that is hidden inside and has absolutely nothing to do with our age..